Whether you are insomniac, wired or jetlagged, London nightlife is no doubt a mysterious place. The streets at night are sodium yellow, people behave differently and its parks are dark. The city of London is amazing 24/7. The fun keeps going on even when the sun goes down. Here are the top 5 things you can do in London at night.


Enjoy a Happy Hour

If you are looking for an opportunity to sample a glass of wine or cocktail in one of the city’s several cocktail or wine bars but do not fancy digging deeper in your wallet, there are several London happy hours bars from which you can quench your thirst. These bars are ideal for you if you are on a budget and fancy nightlife in London. One such place is Dirty Martin, which offers every day happy hours where you’re able to grab a martini or a bottle of wine at a half price.
See a Show in the West End

The city of London houses the most vibrant theatres the world has ever had. A trip to London’s West End presents a true experience. You will always find your trip to West End very enjoyable especially with the availability of discount tickets and also the selection of shows as varied as it’s impressive.


Watch The Ceremony of the Keys

At night, the Tower of London always comes alive with tradition dating back to a hundred years: ceremony of the keys. This ceremony signifies the official locking as well as securing of the London Tower- complete with secret passwords, large rings of keys, beefeaters, not to mention military music. A completely free ceremony, this event is the most unique and an awesome nightlife experience in London. Note that tickets are required, so be sure to find out how to get them.


You can Party until the day breaks in Shoreditch

If you love night out partying, then the most ideal place for you is Shoreditch. This district is completely packed with hip eateries, cool clubs and late night bars. You can stop by and choose a cocktail at the Golden Bee from their menu to enjoy on their rooftop terrace. Better still, you cab heat straight to XOYO if you want something much wider. With cool DJ’s, upcoming bands and newest tunes on offer, this place is the best to dance your night in London away.


Ride on the London Eye

Just when you think the London eye cannot get any more exciting, it is open till half past eight at night during summer. This allows you to hop on, board and experience the dazzling skyline of London by night. You can also try the champagne experience. For only 35 pounds, you can enjoy a glass of wine. You will also be in company of a persona guide whose work is to ensure you do not miss a thing during your half an hour ride.


Laugh the night away at the Comedy Store

Next time you are going out at night in London, be sure to get down to Comedy Store. The comedy club is famous for showcasing the most hilarious comedians the world has every day. This place guarantees you laughter till you sock off. Located in the Piccadilly Circus, it’s no surprise it’s the most popular comedy venues in the city and welcomes more than 3000 visitors every week. What is better yet? It is open seven days a week, so you relay don’t have excuse not to go!


Taste wine at Vinopolis

If you are a lover of wine, then the perfect place for you is the Vinopolis. Situated on the city’s Southbank, this is the city’s only interactive wine experience. Visit this place and choose from more than a hundred spirits, wines and champagnes. Additionally, Vinopolis houses impressive 5-star restaurants that serve everything right from Italian to Mediterranean




You may think that London is only exciting by day; however the capital really wakes up when the sun goes down. As night falls, a number of spectacular theatres, cool clubs and vibrant bars come alive. With all these on offer every night, it is no doubt London is said to be the city that does not sleep. So if you are eager to experience London after sun set, stick to this guide. However, note that like many other cities around the world. Some places in London can be very dangerous at night. So be sure to take necessary precautions and do not walk alone at night.